Tentative 2021 Show Schedule

Grey shaded dates denote possible change of date/location
Prizelists are listed on the prize==list page, or contact the show managers

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Date Show Name/Applicant Location

1/30/21 New Show/Amy Uniss-Coleman GSEC Katy
1/31/21 New Beginning /Barbara Bryan GSEC Katy

3/13/21 Britannia Spring/Pauline Cook GSEC Katy
3/14/21 Mo Spring /Maurene Moffett GSEC Katy

4/24/21 Hunt Farm I / Pam Hunt
Pine Hill Bellville
4/25/21 Hunt Farm II / Pam Hunt
Pine Hill Bellville

5/22- 5/23/21 Spring Flowers / Rob Moyar Haras

6/5/21 Classic Show I / Amy Uniss-Coleman GSEC Katy
6/6/21 Classic Show II / Barbara Bryan GSEC Katy

6/26/21 Summer Blowout I / Wendy Kaminski GSEC Katy
6/27/21 Summer Blowout II / Wendy Kaminski GSEC Katy

8/21/21 Awesome Blossom I / Val Garza GSEC Katy
8/22/21 Awesome Blossom II / Val Garza GSEC Katy

9/18/21 Britannia Faall / Pauline Cook GSEC Katy
9/19/21 Mo Daze / Maurene Moffett GSEC Katy

10/16/21 Octoberfest I / Jeff Hildebrand GSEC Katy
10/17/21 Octoberfest II / Jeff Hildebrand GSEC Katy


Pine Hill Halloween I / Ruth Sawin

Pine Hill Bellville

Pine Hill Halloween II / Ruth Sawin

Pine Hill Bellville

11/20-11/21/21 Fall Harvest / Rob Moyar Haras

11/27/21 GHHJA Finish Line Show/GHHJA GSEC Katy
11/28/21 GHHJA Finish Line Show/GHHJA GSEC Katy

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