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GHHJA Pony Measurement Rules (Article 212)

The GHHJA membership secretary must have a copy of a pony’s current measurement card for that pony to receive points for year-end awards.

  • A pony without a USEF Pony Measurement Card must be measured by a current USEF Steward for a GHHJAPony Measurement Card. The cost of the card is $10.00, payable to the Steward.
  • GHHJA will make arrangements to have a Steward available at the shows at regular intervals throughout the year. Steward availability will be published in prize lists and/or the GHHJA newsletter.
  • If a pony is measured after showing and does not measure within the height requirements of the division in which it showed, the pony will lose all prior points. Remaining entrants will be moved up to appropriate points.
  • A pony less than six years of age will retain its measurement card for the entire show year, regardless of any change in height.
  • Ponies under the age of six must be measured each show year until they reach age six.
  • The measurement card must be sent to the Membership Secretary no later than November 30 for the current year’s points to count.
  • The Membership Secretary will keep a permanent file of pony measurement cards received.
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Current GHHJA Pony Measurements

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